4120 Pennsylvania, Kansas City MO, Phone (816) 656-5655
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Dempsey’s Burger Pub

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Shebang Burger

Pork belly infused beef patty braised with an Irish whiskey glaze. Topped with Muenster cheese, Guinness caramelized onions , and baby arugula. Served on a roasted potato bun.

Dempsey’s Reviews

My sweet lord! What a burger from this place. The size, quality and prices here are amazing!  –Sean S. on Yelp

I love a good burger and Depsey’s always delivers. – Alicia R. on Yelp

Dempsey’s Burger Pub offers the best burgers and beer selection in Kansas City. We take pride in supporting local farmers by providing the freshest, local ingredients when seasonally available. We think it is important for you to know the origins of your plate.